Ham Jam House Concert

** Postponed ** The Bassmonsters ** Postponed **

THe Bassmonsters had to postpone their performance! They will play, but needed to move their show a bit later in the year.

The Bassmonsters: Claus Freudenstein, Aaron Olguin, Harry Dearman & Jason Heath

The Bassmonsters play Rock Music by four doublebasses and combine classical playing technic with driving rhythms.

"This group, filled with virtuoso players, has the potential
of being rock star heroes of our instrument–and can reach the public
of all ages in their unique authentic arrangements“

-- Barry Green, U.S. orchestral and solo double bass player, author of "The Inner Game of Music“

International top bassists around the founder Claus Freudenstein like Aaron Olguin, Harry Dearman and Jason Heath perform heart-stopping acoustic patterns with a seething and explosive mix of instrumental Virtuosity, stunning grooves and chamber music finesse….

With songs of Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Guns ´n Roses, Michael Jackson, Steppenwolf and many others legendary bands, the Bassmonsters are the first doublebass Quartet to play real Rockmusic and extend the possibilities of the Doublebass to the peak!

The Bassmonsters were founded in 2009 by the bavarian doublebassist and teacher Claus Freudenstein to support the Band "Deep Purple“ at the "Great Wide Open“ Concert. To have a good name that fits to this event he choose the name "Bassmonsters“ for his ensemble that had 12 players in that time.

After that the Bassmonsters went on developing their arrangements and adapted their playing technics to their new style.

In 2012 they recorded their first CD "Classic meets Rock“ which is the first recording in history featuring 4 double basses playing rock classics in an electrified string quartet. And in the april 2014 issue of the "Strad Magazine“ the CD got a great review worldwide.

Since this time the Bassmonsters played many succesfull concerts in amazing concert halls and festivals like Basseurope 2016 in Prague, Musikalischer Sommer in Ostfriesland Festival (Germany) or Galicia Graves Festival in A Coruna, Spain.

The German Bassmonsters are...
Claus Freudenstein
Ricardo Tapadinhas
Thomas Hille
Lisa DeBoos

Claus explains, the "American Bassmonsters" are founded according to my German group "The Bassmonsters" to bring the music also to America.

The American Bassmonsters are...
Claus Freudenstein
Jason Heath
Aaron Olguin
Harry Dearman

The most important concert in the carreer of the Bassmonsters was their show at the 2015´s International String Bass convention in Fort Collins/Collorado.

After this concert their video recording of the Gun´s Roses song "Sweet Child o´mine“ become one of the 10 most watched videos on Americas most frequented Bass website "Notreble.com!

www.claus-freudenstein.de -Claus's website

Doors open at 7:00 and the concert is 8:00 to 10:00.

The band suggests an admission donation of $25.
Daren suggests folks bump in more if they can in support of music in Austin.
The entire donation goes to the musicians.

BYOB and hors d'oeuvres are welcome!

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