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Jan Seides

Jan Seides will play a fine acoustic concert on Saturday, January 9th, 2016, at 7:00 PM.

Jan Seides

A QUICK NOTE:  People often get the pronunciation of my last name wrong. It doesn’t really bother me, but just so you know it is pronounced ‘Sigh-deez‘.

My Love For Music

I first felt the pull of music when I was three. My mother would always turn on the radio while we ate dinner, and one day I surprised her by singing to her by heart one of the songs we had heard. She was pretty excited about that, so I immediately learned another.

When I was four, my parents bought a piano, but it was my older sister that was supposed to get the lessons. Well! I wasn’t having any of that! So I would go to the piano after she was done practicing and pick out and play her songs.

By the time I was four and a half, her teacher was convinced I needed lessons too — especially when it turned out I had “perfect pitch” (I can tell which note it is in the same way that most people can identify colors)

Later on, I turned that into a way to make money, as songwriters used to need a written copy of their songs in order to copyright them. I would transcribe the songs of writers around me, and it turned it a kind of crash course in song-writing for me. I took piano lessons for 14 years and then studied piano and composition, exploring folk, classical, jazz, pop, rock and country at the University of Texas School of Music, where I graciously accepted my musical degree.

Hitting The Road

When I was old enough to leave home, I learned to play the guitar too, mainly because they’re portable, and moved to New York City, and then to Austin, Texas.

I fell in love with traveling, and out of that began touring with my music. Really, I haven’t yet decided which is in the service of the other.

I’ve left footprints in almost every state in the U.S. by now, played in many unique and rewarding venues, and had a great time. The first time I crossed the Atlantic, I found out that venue owners and audiences in Europe and the UK are very receptive to original music. Most of the time, really, all I had to do was ask.

I’ve played in some wonderful listening rooms, and met a lot of very friendly, music-loving people.


I understand that many people don’t get the chance to do what they most desire in their lives. More often than not, people simply work in any job just to pay the bills. I am fortunate in that I live my life involved in my most desired thing in the world – music. I have a teaching studio, which allows me to pass on my passion and abilities to others who also share the same love for music and I have a great following, which allows me to play my music to audiences all around the world.

Seen The World

I have played gigs (to name a few) in
and various places in the UK
I have enjoyed a fantastic opportunity to play at some amazing venues, including
The Bitter End, New York City
Googie’s (upstairs at the Living Room), New York City
The Bluebird Cafe in Nashville TN
The Cowgirl Hall of Fame in Santa Fe NM
Artz Rib House in Austin, TX
Chicago House in Austin, TX
Mall of America in Minneapolis, MN
Cafe Stella Blue in Melbourne, FL
The Coffee Gallery Backstage, Altadena, CA
I once opened for Buddy Mondlock and have shared the stage with Jeff Talmadge, The Therapy Sisters, Albert & Gage, David Llewellyn, and Tim Grimm.

For a full listing of all the venues I have played (over a hundred venues), have a look at my Venues Page!

I Think They Like Me

My work has been recognized by a few organizations in the past, and I have enjoyed receiving many major awards in regional to national song writing competitions, such as:
The Great American Song Contest
Mountain Stage New Song Contest
Kerrville New Folk (regional New Folk winner)
Metro Detroit Song writing Contest
Mid-Atlantic Song Contest
I was even a finalist in the KRCL Founders Festival Song writing competition in Utah.

I was a Judge’s Award winner at Mountain Valley Arts Council Festival Song writing Competition, and most recently was awarded First Prize at both the Dallas Songwriters Association Competition and the Austin Songwriters Group Competition. My nomination for the prestigious B. IDEN PAYNE award for Outstanding Musical Director for Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah didn’t bring me an award, but it felt good to be nominated anyway.

I Have Style

Throughout all my music I have always tried to combine down-home honesty with up-town sophistication. I definitely have an eclectic writing and performing style, perhaps more precisely folk to pop to jazz.

My First Album – Slowly But Surely

In 1992 I released my very first solo album, called Slowly but Surely, which received radio play on national and international radio.

Second Album – Everyday People

Then in 2002 I recorded my second album, Everyday People, which was kindly released by Panda Productions. This CD has brought me many glowing reviews from various people and publications, frequent radio airplay and claimed song writing awards.

Third Album – Family Album

Then in March of 2007 I released my third CD, Family Album. You can find a video of one of the songs on my Music page.


That’s all from me for now. I hope you enjoyed reading a bit about my life as much as I have enjoyed living it.

Warm Regards
"Beautifully arranged and sober orchestrated self-penned songs are forming the basics of Jan Seides’ newest record ‘Siren Song’. Her soft and relaxing lovely voice is the so-called ‘cherry on the pie’. She should not keep us waiting for another six years to hear her compositions on a new album.” ~ www.rootstime.be

"Jan's performance was exceptional and she is a delightful, gracious woman. Her music is heartfelt and touches the soul when it isn't carefree and just plain fun! My guests were enthralled with her performance and commented on her excellent abilities, both vocal and instrumental." ~ Marianne Stauffer, Stauffer's Stars Concert Series, Houston, Texas

"Absolutely love the CD. It’s terrific. Beautiful, meaningful words and story songs. Your voice and arrangements are unique. Just well done! So glad I got to hear it. And know the person who wrote such amazing songs. Very moving and honest lyrics." ~ Roni Lynn, a late review of Siren Song from friend and fellow music-lover

Jan Seides on Sonicbids
Jan Seides on reverbnation

Doors open at 7:00 and the concert is 8:00 to 10:00.
$15 suggested admission donation

BYOB and hors d'oeuvres are welcome!

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