Ham Jam House Concert

Ricky and Erin Stein

Ricky Stein and his sister, Erin Stein will play a fine concert Saturday, June 13th, 2015 at 7:00 PM.
Ricky Stein

Austin singer, songwriter, and author Ricky Stein specializes in the eclectic blend of folk, blues, and country that has been a hallmark of Austin music for the last 50 years. A second-generation Austin musician, Stein has built a steady career performing at some of the top venues in town while also chronicling Austin's rich musical heritage in his book Sonobeat Records: Pioneering the Austin Music Scene in the 1960s.

Saturday night Ricky (guitar & vocals) will be joined by his younger sister, Erin Stein, who lends her impressive vocal talents to Ricky's original compositions. The two singers complement one another in phrasing and intonation in a way that instantly draws the listener in, providing a warmth and depth to Stein's musical vision. Lyrically, Stein focuses on everything from love and death ("Crazy Days," "The Best in Me") to lighthearted vignettes about companionship ("My Little Drinking Partner") and living in the digital age ("It's Tough Out There").

Stein's catalogue includes two full-length albums and an EP, all of which are comprised of original material. He also performs distinctive interpretations of songs by classic Texas songwriters such as Terry Allen and Steve Fromholz, as well as more recent favorites written by friends such as the Hudsons, with whom he got his start playing some of the earliest Ham Jam House concerts. For this reason these performances always have a sort of a homecoming feel to them, making for a very special evening. This Saturday should be no exception.

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Doors open at 7:00 and the concert is 8:00 to 10:00.
$15 suggested admission donation

BYOB and hors d'oeuvres are welcome!