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Claudia Nygaard & Redd Volkaert - Twangin' Together

Claudia Nygaard and Redd Volkaert will play a fine concert on Saturday, May 17th, at 7:00 PM.

Claudia Nygaard Redd Volkaert

Claudia Nygaard...
With a powerful, resonant voice like amber honey, and a twinkle in her eye that makes everyone in the audience think she is sharing a secret with them alone, Claudia Nygaard’s brilliant storytelling overflows from her songwriting into her live performance. Emotionally fearless, she shares her greatest fears and her deepest sorrows, but she also has a quick wit and an outlandish, irreverant sense of humor. Her songs move from heartfelt to humorous and from scrappy to sensual, and all the while the stories she tells in between them are as entertaining as the songs themselves.

A former Nashville Music Row staff songwriter and a winner of the , TX Folk Festival songwriting competition, Nygaard has learned her craft well. Her latest CD “Let The Storm Roll In” rose to the coveted #1 position on the Roots Country Chart and #8 on the Folk DJ Chart - with every one of her self-penned compositions receiving airplay! The album received glowing reviews from the press that included five stars from Americana benchmark “Maverick” magazine. The legendary Folk music magazine “Sing Out” claimed her songs “rival the likes of Guy Clark or Ian Tyson in their plainspoken, memoir-like quality, rich with personalized images and a resonant point-of-view.”
"Stunning! The whole disc is a sheer delight... this is exceptionally good." - FIVE out of five stars! - Maverick Magazine

Claudia Nygaard’s music invitingly straddles the fence between country and folk with a band sound that is decidedly unplugged and artfully laid-back in support of her sensually lyrical alto. And then, there’s the matter of her songs-- that rival the likes of Guy Clark or Ian Tyson in their plainspoken, memoir-like quality, rich with personalized images and a resonant point-of-view.” - Gary Von Tersch, Sing Out Magazine.

"The immigration saga that accompanies “Big Country” and the naiveté of youth recalled in “J.C.” are relayed from both a tender and touching perspective. Yet Nygaard’s also got a scrappy side to her as well. Her sympathetic homage to Miss Kitty of TV’s “Gunsmoke” fame is absolutely hilarious and her plea to a reticent lover in the song simply titled “Say It” conveys both desperation and desire without resorting to self-pity. Nygaard is a knowing soul and Let The Storm Roll In offers a torrent of wisdom and reflection." - Lee Zimmerman, No Depression

Nothing short of amazing… Comprised of a dozen equally excellent tunes, “Let The Storm Roll In” reveals Nygaard to be one of Americana music’s hidden gems.” - Jeffrey Sisk, In Tune, The Daily News

"Self-produced, with hand-selected songs from her vast catalog, Nygaard may have quite accidentally created and released one of the finest singer/songwriter/storyteller collections in recent memory. " - Wildy Haskell, Wildy's World

"In her throw-back-to-the-50s, rich-toned alto, the artist tells story after honest story, making listeners chuckle, choke back tears, and sometimes just nod their heads while her well-crafted pieces wash over them.” - Janet Goodman, Music News Nashville

"Claudia has a talent for finding in a simple phrase the most excellent songs, where anyone else might hear nothing. I am continually amazed by the emotions she can evoke; heart wrenching (I cry every time), to a social statement which could be a call to action or at least some inner searching, to sexy and funny that leaves everyone int he room delightfully, joyfully heated. Always delighted to have her at Kerville". - Dalis Allen, Kerrville Folk Festival, Kerrville, TX

"I have been hosting concerts for 40 years and house concerts for the last twelve. I would have to say that Claudia Nygaard's house concert was one of the most personal and engaging of the audience that I have ever seen. She had them from the get-go to the encore. Her strength is in her conviction to the empathy her songs convey, and it shows." - Paul Barker, Barker House Concerts, Austin, TX

"Claudia was a smash hit with our audience. Her songs, her stories, her charming wit, and her engaging personality combined to provide all of us with a wonderful evening of entertainment. We are definitely looking forward to her return to our stage in the not-too-distant future." - Kelson Slayman "Folk at the Cannery" House Concerts, Dataw Island, SC

"Claudia is down to earth, fun, and a little bit mischievous... just like her music." - Cheryl Kagan, Folk 'N Great Music, Rockville, MD

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Redd Volkaert...
A local Austin legend and revered by guitarists all over the world, Redd Volkaert is one of the hardest working Telecaster men on the planet. Born and raised in Canada, Redd started early, at the age of ten; and by the time he was 16, he was playing in local bars and clubs in Vancouver, British Columbia. After 8 years in Alberta, he moved to Los Angeles, playing in clubs, teaching and working on demo sessions. In 1990, he moved to Nashville and started work- ?ing road dates and studio sessions with Ray Price, Lacy J. Dalton, Clinton Gregory and Dale Watson, eventually working his way to Merle Haggard’s band, The Strangers. In 1997, Merle Haggard found himself in need of a lead guitarist. Haggard said, “I usually listen to the guys in the band. I asked them who was the best guitarist they knew, and they all said Redd.” He took Redd without an audition. After becoming a “Stranger,” Redd recorded and toured with Merle, appearing in concert and on national television. A founding member of the honkytonk supergroup Heybale!, he remains a valuedhired-gun for sessions and touring work with such artists as Brad Paisley, whose work with the country star garnered Redd a GRAMMY nomination for Best Country Instrumental Performance in 2004.

Doors open at 7:00 and the concert is 8:00 to 10:00.
$15 suggested admission donation

BYOB and hors d'oeuvres are welcome!