Ham Jam House -Concert

The Hudsons Duo Reunion
otherwise known as
The HudsCare Seminar and Clinic

12/22/2017, 12/26/2016, 12/23/2015, 12/28/2013, 11/07/2012

The legendary "Hudsons" will present a reunion concert on Friday, December 22nd, doors open at 7:00 PM.

It's been a year now since we've had an official Hudsons Reunion on our hands! Brian Hudson and Hudson Mueller will kick out a ton of the magic songs and spontaneous blitz lightening that made them famous in 2003/2004. Don't be surprised if a host of other amazing players take their turns sitting in!

About the Clinic...
We are saddened to inform y’all that Austin, TX was recently diagnosed with Hudsons Deficit Disorder (HDD). HDD is a chronic incurable medical condition. However, there’s now treatment for this serious disease in the form of this HudsCare seminar. (Hopefully, HudsCare will not be repealed and replaced before this clinic can be presented!)

Don’t delay! Come get treated to a Hudsons performance on December 22nd at Daren Appelt’s fine medical-grade music clinic. Your therapists will include the original Hudsons duo, who will be welcoming specialist guests to join in treatment.

Treatment Details: Attendance of two 45-minute musical sets facilitated by certified Hudsons + access to medical-grade Hudsons recordings. Musicians desiring extry therapy are invited to bring instruments and join the Hudsons for additional treatment after the performance.

The Hudsons legend...
The pictures above date back to February, 2003, not long after Brian started sitting in occasonally with Hudson's year-long run of weekly solo gigs at the Waterloo Icehouse, then next to Waterloo Records on Lamar. Both soon realized their synergism (1+1 is much greater than 2!) and officially made it a duo. The fans quickly dubbed them "The Hudsons" and it stuck! Other friends sat in at random until Phoebe Hunt, with her violin, stood out and The Hudsons became a popular trio that lasted well into 2007.

When Phoebe left to concentrate on other projects, the talented violinist, Leah Zeger, from the Austin Symphony, joined Brian and Hudson to continue the trio.

Along the way, The Hudsons accumulated numerous awards, including "Best Folk Band" in the Austin Chronicle poll. The trio became Keerville Folk Festival headliners, produced fine vids and CDs, and toured festivals all over the U.S. and Canada.

Later on The Hudsons booked fewer shows and drifted apart to pursue their own separate projects. Brian now lives in New Orleans and is a well known and prolific writer, guitarist, and performer. Phoebe is writing and producing her own fine material, is co-writing and performing with other talented folks all over the country. Leah now has a fine jazz group and resides in Los Angeles. Hudson moved to New York City and has a popular band called The Gold Magnolias.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SUSQtrj84zs - The Hudsons "Gringo" at a Ham Jam

Doors open at 7:00 and the concert is 8:00 to 10:00.
$20 suggested admission donation

BYOB and hors d'oeuvres are welcome!