Ham Jam House -Concert

Tommy Elskes

Tommy Elskes will play a fine acoustic concert on Friday, May 10th, at 7:00 PM.

Tommy Elskes(els-kiss) is a musician's musician. He has that all too rare ability to truly affect people with his music. Ask The General Norman Shwarzkopf, Lyle Lovett or my 9 year old son Ryan. They will all tell you he is the best. Tommy's music is a wonderful combination of soulful R&B,blues,rock,country and folk. Did I miss anything! His music defines accessibility. He started his musical career somewhere around the age of 10 with the Albuquerque Boys Choir and has been charming people with his music ever since. Tommy credits aggregate influences for his vocal ability to tell a story. "It doesn't matter what year it may be, entertainment remains essentially unchanged. Basically you're still a minstrel, and as such you're not that far removed from the Middle Ages. Your job is still to stir emotions and make listeners feel something. The more personal experience you can bring to bear emotionally as a singer the easier it becomes to persuade the audience to share your vision." This philosophy is evidenced by his vocal versatility which ranges from a cappella solos to performances with stage bands and everything in between. Whether it's blues, rock'n'roll, gospel, country or the Star Spangled Banner, Tommy's vocal style exudes conviction and eludes classification. He has shared the stage with the likes of Muddy Waters, Carl Perkins, Richie Havens, Lightnin' Hopkins, B.B. King and Lyle Lovett just to name a few. I am very proud to have the chance to work with Tommy. His first Horizon Records release titled "BOHEMIA" is available online and in stores. There are some samples of the new CD in the music section of this site. I hope you enjoy!

"The phones ring off the hook when we play Tommy's music.We literally wore out our first copy of his CD! We love anything he does."
- KFAN(Texas)

"Top Ten album in 1993. His music never gets old."
- WNKU(Kansas)

"A Melodic Experience"
- Rod Kennedy(Kerrville Folk Festival)

"Ever get the feeling that a lot of "sensitive" male singer/songwriters are just a little too in touch with their feminine sides? Tired of songs that sound like the singer's therapy sessions now define their lives?Are you sick of wimps with acoustic guitars? Meet the antidote: Tommy Elskes (pronounced els-kiss). Elskes' new album Bohemia is a category-defying outing, touching most genres of American popular music including rock, country, folk, blues, R&B, jazz, and even Zydeco. No whine-fest for Freudians here; Mr. Elskes is man enough to deal with real adult issues."
- Southeast Performer Magazine

"He may have left Colorado but his music hasn't. We love you Tommy!"
- KOTO(Colorado)

"Tommy is family around here. We can't wait to hear what is next!"
- KGSR(Austin)

"A Truly Amazing Voice"
- Rusty Wier

"When Tommy starts singing I stop talking. I just love his voice."
- Lyle Lovett

"I would sing with this man anytime,anywhere!"
- Steven Fromholz

"Tommy Elskes delivers pop rock, folk, country, blues R&B and even a touch of Cajun music on his versatile, listenable second album. His voice reeks of sincerity and sensitivity!"
- Buddy Magazine

-- Tommy Elskes Website: http://www.tommyelskes.com

Doors open at 7:00 and the concert is 8:00 to 10:00.
$10 suggested admission donation

BYOB and hors d'oeuvres are welcome!