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Ky Hote
10/20/2016, 11/19/2015, 03/06/2014, 04/10/2013, & 10/24/2012

Ky Hote and the Ky Hote Experience Unplugged will play a fine acoustic concert on Thursday, October 20th, 2016, doors open at 7:00 PM.

Ky, a fine singer/songwriter and guitar artist, has been playing around Austin and the world for some years now. I first ran into Ky camping out at the Kerrville Folk Festival back in the '70s. Like many teenage songwriters he was up all night playing around the campfires. He's memorable to me because his songs had a special flare of comedy crossed with serious perspective. I'm looking forward to catching up on his new writing as well as some of those memorable teenage songs. ...Daren

The Ky Hote Experience Unplugged
Before they used the term “Americana,” Ky Hote was traveling the country with his guitar singing about his experiences and expressing himself in many styles. He is a humorist and a visionary whose work often comments on relationships and the world that we share. The day after John Lennon died, he was on the drag in Austin singing about peace and despair. Since then he has been a staple at the Kerrville Folk Festival and a legend in his own mind.

In 2003 he began hosting George Harrison Tributes in Austin and New York City and thus working with drummers and bass players to bring true “rock and roll” into the mix. In 2014, he formed the Ky Hote Experience. Ky’s vast catalog of original songs came to life in a new way: dance-able, brash and electric. The name of the group came with respect to power trios (guitar, bass and drums) before them, and because a concert featuring the songs, observations and dangerous guitar playing of Ky Hote is an experience you won’t want to miss.

The Ky Hote Experience Unplugged features Ky with Ric Furley on drums and maestro bass player Mark Williams.

Ky Hote, a singer-songwriter from Austin, Texas has roots in NYC and on the road. While other artists sing Woody Guthrie songs and write about riding the rails, Ky Hote has been there, done that. San Francisco to Maine and from Florida to Alaska, Ky has hitchhiked, rode freight trains, buses, cars and kept his guitar by his side all the way. He is a humorist and a visionary whose work often comments on relationships and the world we share. Ric Furley and Mark Williams have both played with numerous Austin based bands in their time.


Doors open at 7:00 and the concert is 8:00 to 10:00.
$20 suggested admission donation

BYOB and hors d'oeuvres are welcome!

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