Ham Jam House Concert

Bianca DeLeon

Bianca DeLeon will play a fine acoustic concert on Saturday, September 1st, at 7:00 PM.

Tony Airoldi, well-known Austin guitarist and writer, will perform with Bianca.

About Bianca...

Bianca is a voice from Texas that does it right”.
-- Guy Clark

Her fourth album, Love, Guns & Money, features a photo of her standing in front of a Dutch club’s chalkboard that reads ‘de Texaanse Troubadour Bianca DeLeon'. She’s much better known in Europe than in Texas.

DeLeon is rooted in and lives in two different worlds, the Texas-Mexico borderlands in which she was born and raised, and which, in my experience, few Anglos seem to be able to write about convincingly, and the national and international singer-songwriter venue circuit.

"She’s a bit different from your average troubadour. How many of them could write “I Sang Patsy Cline (“the Night Noriega Fell’)?"
-3rd Coast Music –John Conquest

“‘Border ballad’ has become such a loathsome cliché that I’d like to send a copy of Bianca’s CD, The Long Slow Decline of Carmelita, to everyone who’s written or plans to write one, to show them why they shouldn’t. Add DeLeon to your list of true Texas singer-songwriters.”
-– 3rd Coast Music

“Queen of the border ballad”
-- John Nova Lomax, Houston Chronicle

“Bianca DeLeon…Tex-Mex border ballad..only a few artist who excel at it..(she’s) nearly in a class of her own
-- Dirty Linen

"Cut Off" (starring Faye Dunaway, Malcolm McDowell, Amanda Brooks, and Ann Archer), featured at Cannes Film Festival, included Bianca’s song "Six Pack of Misery".

“Hemeras Eclipse” Starring LeeAn Gomez and Bianca DeLeon, featuring Bianca’s song “Buscando Por Ti”.

Video Game...
“High Timin' Girl” - licensed for the video game "Big Mother Truckers 2".

Previous CDs - Repeated strong showings on EuroAmericana charts.

- Interviews w/ Bianca in biography of Townes Van Zandt : No Deeper Blue
by Robert Earl Hardy.

- Interviews w/Bianca in biography of Townes Van Zandt : I’ll Be Here In The Morning
by Brian Atkinson.

About Toni Airoldi...
It's just another blessed night in Austin. I'm sitting at a two top in Evangeline's on Brodie, eating gumbo and wishing I hadn't ordered the strawberry ale. The place is packed. Forks are clicking, people are laughing, waitresses are bending low to be heard over the music. On the tiny makeshift stage is a man singing about life and death and in his own way thanking God for all of it. It's like a prayer, both joyous and brooding. It gets my attention. The man is Tony Airoldi and his lyrics are unexpectedly provocative, his music astonishingly complex. He's almost out of place among the gator tails and beer mugs, too ethereal perhaps, but then he changes gears and suddenly he's singing about fat chihuahuas."He'd probably hump your leg if he could but he's vertically challenged", he sings. His next song is about cats. I think there's a theme developing, but in a heartbeat we're taken to the polished floors and sweeping passion of Flamenco. It's a diverse evening for sure.

So many singer/songwriters have only one tune and one message, not so with Tony Airoldi. He dazzles with his gypsy jazz instrumentals, witty songs about daily life and his evangelical brand of zen that seeks to merge the sublime with the surreal "Einstien and Jesus were having a conversation. They were trying to find a cure for death and pain." I'm reminded of the blind men and the elephant, the experience depends on what part of the elephant you happen to grab on to. Are you into gypsy jazz? Humorous songs? Existential poetry? The world is complex and so is Tony's music. In a world where the universal password is "niche"...it's good to hear someone who has too many legs and arms to fit in a tidy box. Yes, life is funny, romantic and sexy but it's also the snake in the garden and make no mistake, it will kill you. Tony's sings about the whole experience, the good, the bad and the beautiful. His music is way more than meets the ear.

" We die only once but for so long. Meanwhile we're trapped in this cage of space and time. Tomorrow is promised to no one."
-- Tony Airoldi

Doors open at 7:00 and the concert is 8:00 to 10:00.
$10 suggested admission donation

BYOB and hors d'oeuvres are welcome!