Ham Jam House Concert

Fletcher Clark with Mike Harris
01/30/2015, 03/31/2012

Fletcher Clark will play a fine acoustic concert on Friday, January 30th, 2015, at 7:00 PM accompanied by Mike Harris.

Fletcher Clark...

Thought-provoking lyrics and great melodies in a wide range of styles, presented heartfully by a skilled vocalist and guitarist – these are the elements of a Fletcher Clark performance, whether solo or with his top-shelf sideman, Mike Harris.

Fletcher’s songwriting is influenced by the Texas singer-songwriters for whom he has been sideman and/or producer (Steven Fromholz, Bobby Bridger, Rusty Wier, Gary P. Nunn, Dee Moeller, Rick Beresford, Kenneth Threadgill, Bill & Bonnie Hearne, et al) - as well as by his love of jazz, Broadway, Tin Pan Alley, blues, R&B, rock, folk, bluegrass, country & western, latin, etc. Long ago his Texas show band, Balcones Fault, brought all these musics together for scores of sold-out shows at Austin’s legendary concert hall Armadillo World Headquarters.

Just in time for 2010, Fletcher brought Armadillo Records and Armadillo Music (ASCAP) back to life by recording Hank & Shaidri Alrich with Doug Harman for the critically acclaimed Carry Me Home (Armadillo CD 1001). (Although in its formative years Fletcher had been Business Manager for the Armadillo, it was Hank who created its studio and label and guided the whole shebang to its successful, albeit, early conclusion.)

Later in 2010, Fletcher completed Taking Turns (Armadillo CD 1002), a collection of twelve of his songs recorded by twelve different artists and ensembles, using Austin’s best session players and engineers. It features performances by Shaidri Alrich, Tommy Elskes, Craig Toungate, Michael Durbin, Mady Kaye, Denim, Shake Russell, Beto y los Fairlanes, Greezy Wheels, Elizabeth Wills, Rose Kimball & Judy Painter, and Lindsay Haisley. And some memorable contributions from the late Tony Campisi. “I created a showroom for my producing styles and skills, and by using great Austin players and engineers, it became a showroom for the recording resources as well,” said Fletcher. Turnabout being fair play, Hank brought this project to fruition as Executive Producer, remarking, “There’s just not been another project like Fletcher Clark’s Taking Turns. True Austin music!”

In late 2011, Armadillo Records released The Cobras Live & Deadly (Armadillo CD 1101). Recorded live at the old hall in 1979 though never released, now finally mastered and packaged as a CD, it is already the all-time best label seller at Antone’s Records in Austin. As managing partner, Fletcher continues to guide the development of an approach to production and dissemination that shortens the distance from creator to consumer, with the highest regard for sonic quality. Follow this at http://www.ArmadilloMusicProductions.com/.

Starting with his first post-collegiate job as a Boston banker, Fletcher has never forgotten the fundamental musician’s precept – don’t quit your day job! The other lobe of his brain also guided him through several years as a marketing consultant for Whole Foods Market in its formative years, followed by several years as Information Officer for Austin’s American YouthWorks, a leader in drop-out recovery and a pioneer in the emergence of charter schools in Texas. He continues to offer his services on a consulting basis.

Fletcher taught audio production at Austin Community College for ten years, training scores of young engineers. He continues to act as recording producer (or engineer), where his experience on both sides of the glass ensures any artist a more effective and productive recording project. As a consulting audio engineer, he offers (through his company) Sound Advice for nascent recording artists, and entrepreneurs in the design and appointment of recording studios and live venues.

Now in Lockhart just south of Austin, Fletcher produces and hosts two successful series there for songwriters: Evenings with the Songwriter at the historic Dr. Eugene C. Clark Library, complemented by Evenings of Song in concert at Gaslight-Baker Theatre. He is part of a music group for each Sunday’s service at church. He still answers the call as a skilled sideman on guitar, mandolin and bass, with of a bit of keyboards, harmonica and tenor banjo thrown in.

Fans can follow him on Facebook, Sonic Bids and http://www.ArmadilloMusicProductions.com/.

As producer/engineer: Steven Fromholz, Rose & Judy, Bobby Bridger, Uncle Walt's Band, The Phil Woods Quartet (Grammy winner), The Harvey Pittel Saxophone Quartet, The Almost Brothers, Kenneth Threadgill, Lindsay Haisley, Ed Vizard and dozens more.

As session player: notably Steven Fromholz, Django’s Moustache, and scores more.

As artist: the long lost album It's All Balcones Fault.

Mike Harris...

Fletcher is accompanied by long-time friend and associate, Mike Harris on mandolin and dobro. “Mike and I met in the ‘70’s when he took some guitar lessons from me,” said Fletcher. “Even then, his instrumental prowess readily surpassed mine, but I would like to believe I encouraged him to explore the instrument and music.” Explore he did at famed North Texas State, receiving in 1978 a Bachelor of Music (Theory, cum laude) and in 1983 a Master of Music (Guitar).

Mike has been a music instructor since 1978, holding positions at UNT, St. Stephen's School, The Childbloom Company, Austin Guitar School, Three Muses School and Austin Piano & Strings Studio, which he established in 1984 and operates with his wife, Wendy, a pianist. He books and performs with appropriate ensembles for wedding ceremonies/receptions in churches and other venues throughout Central Texas. Fans can follow him at AustinPianoandStrings.com.

“Mike and I bumped into one another four years ago when Threadgill’s Old No. 1 was reopening after a major remodel. I was there to play music and Mike was there to eat vegetables,” remembered Fletcher. “So I asked him to give me my first ever mandolin lesson, and in the process I was reminded of his great range with diverse instruments and styles. I will continue to use his great skill, head and heart both in the recording studio and onstage. It takes a special kind of musician to follow my repertoire.”

Doors open at 7:00 and the concert is 8:00 to 10:00.
$15 suggested admission donation

BYOB and hors d'oeuvres are welcome!