Ham Jam House Concert

Mark Jungers

Mark Jungers will play a fine acoustic concert on Friday, December 2nd, 2011 at 7:00 PM.

Mark Jungers & the Whistling Mules play their hearts out each and every gig... spirited roots-Americana music with intelligent lyrics and top-notch musicianship.

Mark Jungers is no stranger to the Americana roots music scene. He's been playing it for years- since well before the term "Americana" was coined- because in his world, country, roots rock, folk, and bluegrass music need not be mutually exclusive. Mark and his band play what is the heart of Americana: gutsy, unpretentious music filled with spirit and spontaneity. Mark was born and raised in a small farming community called Bird Island, Minnesota, about 80 miles West of Minneapolis. When his father died young, Mark and his brothers were left to carry on the family farm…or lose it. It was then that the steadfast work ethic of the American farmer was instilled in Mark. But his musical drive would not be denied. He would often sneak up into the hay barn late at night to play guitar and write songs. To this day, the family farm thrives, as does Mark Jungers' songwriting.

Mark was in a number of bands in his youth before graduating in Minneapolis with a degree in electronics and sound engineering. Soon thereafter, he moved to Austin, Texas. There, Jungers soon became a major player in the mid 80's Austin music scene, playing with such bands as Straight Up, Hell's Café, and The Masons. In the fall of 1994, he left Texas for New Haven, Connecticut to join his then wife-to-be, Joy, while she finished her education. It was there that Mark was finally able to concentrate on his songwriting, for himself rather than for a band. But being without a band did not last long: He was soon adopted to front the Motel Preachers who went on to win Best New Band, and second place, Best Country Band in New Haven before he and Joy, homesick, returned to Central Texas in July of 1997. They continue to make their home in Martindale, Texas, on the San Marcos River.

The songwriting continued and he soon formed what is now Mark Jungers & The Whistling Mules: Mark singing lead vocals and playing rhythm guitar and harmonica; Adrian Schoolar on lead guitar, dobro, and harmony vocals; Wes Green on mandolin, fiddle, and harmony vocals; and Josh Flowers on upright bass.

Their first CD, Black Limousine, was intended to be a mere chronicle of their musical efforts. Three reprints later, much airplay, and a strong Texas following made way for their second release, Standing in Your Way, which also earned great reviews. One For the Crow was born from necessity: Mark and the band still had much more to say.

The uniqueness and variety of Mark Jungers' music is well demonstrated by the bills the band has shared. They have played with The Derailers, Gary P. Nunn, Slaid Cleaves, Slobberbone, Sisters Morales, Roger Creager, Trout Fishing in America, Billy Joe Shaver, Charlie Robison, Cooder Graw, and the list goes on…

Mark's commitment to the art of songwriting is evident throughout his recorded catalogue. His songs, real and honest, capture the American Spirit. Hearty musicianship only adds to the experience. His albums are masterfully arranged and produced, exemplifying Lars Goransson's well deserved title as Best Producer in the 2004 Austin Music Awards. Mark's music will capture national attention... or something's terribly wrong.

"Mark has about as much grit in his voice as he does under his fingernails, which gives him the aura of authenticity which unfortunately means you probably won’t hear him on modern country radio. Well it’s their loss, our gain. If you want real country music, listen to Mark Jungers."
Richard Amery, L.A. Beat

"Silos and Smokestacks the title track from Mark Jungers 2007 album has been a favourite tune of mine since I first heard it and one that I regularly throw into mixtapes, Jungers latest album More Like a Good Dog Than a Bad Cat album kicks of with a similarly infectious track which sets things up nicely for Jungers twangy roots signature sound, the man himself contributes to all but one of the tunes, Heel to Toe” (Philip Stevens), there are co-writes with some familiar names Adam Carroll and Owen Temple. Susan Gibson (“Wide Open Spaces”) also appears on several tracks adding some sweet harmony vocals to the mix. A true hands on project Jungers also recorded and produced the CD, opting for analogue only with no post digital editing keeping things nicely organic, no pretence, straight up and all the better for it in keeping the the fella’s rural roots."
Simon, Beat Surrender

"This is real, honest to God Texas music. The swill that shallow, banal, drink-beer-till-you-puke posers call Texas Music is not the same thing at all. He knows what he is writing about. You can hear the similar musical roots between these tunes and that country-pop goop, but where they are a caricature at best, this has the energy without being frantic, this is a respectful derivation and not a warped mirrior. This cd should be included in songwriting 101. I never been quick to compare one artist with another, but cannot stop myself this time... think Slaid Cleaves with an edge, or Steve Earle acoustic."

"...Jungers and his Whistling Mules sound great singing and playing many of their best songs, like "Conviction," "We Talk," "It Ain't Funny," and their better-than-the-original cover of Jason Ringenberg's "Price of Progress." Wes Green's mandolin is always a pleasure, Adrian Schoolar's lead guitar is a skillful, Josh Flowers's bass is clean and on time. I really dig that Jungers plays without a drummer — the sound is full enough..."
Steve Circeo, Texas Music Times

The players...
Mark Jungers: Rhythm Gitar
Adrian Schoolar: Lead Guitar
Josh Flowers: Upright Bass
Wes Green: Mandolin


Doors open at 7:00 and the concert is 8:00 to 10:00.  $10 suggested admission donation.