Ham Jam House Concerts

Albanie Falletta

Albanie Falletta & her band perform mostly creative gypsy-jazz originals although there may be some fine jazz standards and plenty of Django Reinhardt, and Stephane Grappelly too. They play an acoustic set featuring Albanie's songs, her voice and guitar, Emily Gimble's piano and voice, Hal Smith's tasty drums, and Ryan Gould's string bass.

The players...
Albanie Falletta: guitar and voice, a young Austin-area original, is a superb writer, vocalist, and guitar player. She is one of Austin's best gypsy-jazz guitarists. Her voice reminds me of Billie Holliday, and Ella Fitzgerald.

Emily Gimble: keyboards and voice, another Austin original is the grandaughter of the famous fiddler, Jimmy Gimble. She is a wonderful keyboard artist and is a star vocalist. Her voice reminds me of Janis Joplin when she wails a good blues number. She is a member of Warren Hood's fine band, Warren Hood and the Good and sits in with numerous other good bands in Austin.

Hal Smith: drums. Hal took up drumming in 1963. He listened to classic jazz drummers such as Ben Pollack, Nick Fatool, Wayne Jones, and Fred Higuera in person and later took lessons from Jake Hanna. Hal has also been inspired by the recordings of Dave Tough, Big Sid Catlett, Zutty Singleton, Jo Jones, Vic Berton, Andrew Hillaire, Ray Bauduc, Gene Krupa, George Wettling, Kaiser Marshall, Stan King, Harry Dial, Minor Hall, Wally Bishop, Morey Feld and Johnny Wells. "Chicago Style Jazz" is his favorite type of music, but Hal also enjoys listening to and playing "New Orleans," "New York" and "Kansas City" styles.

Smith has played in many well-known jazz bands, such as the Dukes of Dixieland, Jim Cullum Jazz Band, New Black Eagle Jazz Band, South Frisco Jazz Band, Marty Grosz's Orphan Newsboys, Chicago Six, West End Jazz Band and the Butch Thompson Trio. He has played with Wild Bill Davison, Ralph Sutton, Doc Cheatham, Turk Murphy, Pete Fountain, George Probert, Kenny Davern, Scott Hamilton, Dave McKenna and Dick Hyman, and with Western Swing, Rockabilly, Country and Western and Blues bands. Hal led the Roadrunners (with Bobby Gordon and Rebecca Kilgore), Halís Angels (with Anita Thomas and Katie Cavera) and has made over 200 recordings and has appeared on numerous television and radio broadcasts.

Ryan Gould, likely the world's finest "slap-bass" player, is know for his command of all aspects of acoustic bass. Ryan plays all styles and is a superb jazz and swing contributor. Known world-wide, Ryan had a student last SXSW that came all the way from Bulgaria just to get one lesson! Who'd 'a thought!

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