Ham Jam House Concert

John Pointer / Trio Los Vigilantes

John Pointer is known for riveting performances that capture his audience. The combination of Isaac Peņa, Luis Angel Ibaņez, and John Pointer is bound to create musical magic!

Trio Los Vigilantes was formed in the late 1990's with the idea of transporting their listeners to the days of yesteryear, of Caballeros y Damas, recreating the romance of La Epoca de Oro...The Golden Age. In the 1950's, the music of Latin America was at the peak of a period of intense creativity, and one of the many genres that gained a lot of popularity during this time was the Bolero, especially those played by the trios of Mexico like Los Panchos. These Boleros reflected a sense of Spanish melodrama and sentimentality, but also borrowed musically from American jazz and pop.

Los Vigilantes was spearheaded by Isaac Peņa, inspired by his father who had his own trio in the late 50's in South Texas. When Isaac met Mexico City expatriate, Luis Angel Ibaņez, their mutual affinity for the Bolero was the bond that laid the foundation for the formation of Los Vigilantes. Both baritones, they invited John Pointer to carry the high, clear lead melodies and in 1997 they began performing.

Over the next few years, they would continue to expand their audience and sound, adding a string quartet and releasing two studio albums.

In 2001, director Peņa moved to California and the group disbanded. Ibaņez and Pointer followed their own paths as fulltime musicians still based in Austin. However, their recordings remained in regular rotation on Latin music programs.

After a hiatus of eight years, Los Vigilantes reunited to carry the Trio tradition into the 21st century. Since then, they have returned to a performance schedule of about four concerts per year. Additionally, they will release an EP soon, their first new recording in over a decade.