Ham Jam House Concert

Miranda Dawn and Chris Hawkes

Miranda Dawn and Chris Hawkes are outstanding writers and performers in their own right and have teamed up to create a performance that will multiply their talents. They will be supported by cellist Mike Ross and violinist Stephen Cobb.

The players...

Miranda Dawn, Austin sweetheart & singer/songwriter, charms audiences with her honest delivery of carefully crafted melodies and lyrics. Dawn's voice is soulful and tender but also bold. Miranda is at the center of a collaborative songwriting group (www.songwriterweekly.com) and showcase in Austin.

Miranda: "I sing from my heart, I play from my soul, I've tried to quit the habit- but it's just got me."


Chris Hawkes is a native Texas singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and record producer. He collaborates and performs with a community of musicians and writers from his home in Austin, Texas. Hawkes can be described as a rock guitarist with a dynamic voice. His lyrics are meaningful, personal and straightforward. His drive for expression doesn’t end in songwriting. Hawkes also pours himself into each performance both recorded and live. "My favorite part of creating a song is open expression of something very personal or getting a specific message across. Stepping back and saying 'yeah... that’s exactly what it feels like."

In 2007, Hawkes released his first solo acoustic album “Guitar and Voice” which was featured on MTV’s popular series The Hills. This was soon followed by the release of a second independent album "Because I Feel That Way Too" which combined his singer-songwriter compositions with a more developed rock-and-pop full band production. Three tracks from the album, "Again", "Falling Into Doubt" and "Finally Free" were pre-loaded in AT&T smart phones. By late 2009 "Because I Feel That Way Too" was supported with commercial and independent radio play on 165+ stations in the U.S. and spurred national touring for the album.

While touring in 2010, Hawkes co-wrote and recorded "Mystery" with Annemarie Jensen (a.k.a Mary May Love of Copenhagen, Denmark) including the song on her debut album, Mary May Love - "Melodies". It also started the initial recording of what became his third album, "Broken Record". Shortly after it's release, "Mystery" was added to rotation on Denmark's most popular radio station, P4. "Broken Record" features a variety from guitar and string arrangements to a full blues band. It also showcases Hawkes’ continued talents in musical artistry, dynamic production, and emotive song craftsmanship.

Working both as a producer and independent musician creates an interesting blend. “I feel extremely blessed to have my music, my relationships and creative energy all intermingle. It gives me so much freedom to express and constantly challenges me to bring something to the table. I guess it’s my job but it never feels like work.”


Mike Ross, cello. Mike contributed his talent to Chris' latest album "Broken Record".

Stephen Cobb, violin. Stephen also played on Chris' "Broken Record" album.