Ham Jam House Concert

Paul Klemperer Jazz Workshop

Paul Klemperer, Amie Maciszewski, Ustad Tari Khan: Indian/World Music Workshop

Global Grooves Master Class and Lecture-Demo
conducted by
Ustad Tari Khan

In this special event, Ustad Tari Khan will focus on chand, types of 'groove' or phrasing in musics of the Indian subcontinent. He will lead the participants through a series of interactive exercises that will aid them in "owning" these structures. He also will demonstrate, first with tabla students and then with members of the Sangeet Millennium Ensemble, the process of teaching chand in both traditional and world music contexts.

This workshop is a a rare opportunity for instrumentalists, vocalists and singer-songwriters, and percussionists interested in world music, as well as those who practice the music of South Asia.

Ustad Tari Khan (www.taritabla.com), born in Lahore, Pakistan, hails from a family of musicians whose lineage can be traced back to the legendary Bhai Mardana. Today he is acknowledged as one of the foremost Tabla players of all time by musicians all over the world. In addition to his supreme mastery of the Tabla, Khan is also an accomplished vocalist.

Ustad Tari Khan has performed in virtually every part of the globe, participating in prestigious festivals and concerts, dazzling and captivating audiences with his extraordinary versatility. Tours abroad have taken him to almost every major city of the world, and he enjoys a large following, including former US and Pakistani Presidents George W. Bush and Pervez Musharraf, respectively.

His work has led to collaborations with artists and producers from all spectrums of the musical world, including work with famed producer Rick Rubin. He has also composed music for several films, such as Mira Nair's Mississippi Masala, starring Denzel Washington. He is the recipient of numerous awards and honors, among them the prestigious Hazrat Ameer Khusro Award, the President's Pride of Performance (Pakistan's highest artistic honor), and the title of "Tabla Prince of India and Pakistan." Regardless of what Tari Khan chooses to present, his performances never fail to exhilarate and inspire audiences.

About Sangeet Millennium

Sangeet (literally, sang - together; geet-song) is the Sanskrit word meaning "the performing arts," inclusive of music (instrumental, vocal, percussion), dance, theater, and everything connected to these.

Sangeet Millennium brings together founder and director
Amie Maciszewski's various goals, causes, and activities:

1.    Creating and living in spaces where the performing and visual/media arts, knowledge, and human rights weave together as narrative threads of the same story, inspiring aesthetic delight, compassion, understanding, and, ultimately, positive change.

2.    Using the music and culture of the Indian subcontinent as a foundation on which to lead community members in the joyful exploration of the rich diversity of music and dance in the world, thus raising people's awareness and, ultimately, their respect for different types of this ultimate human expression.

3.    Providing opportunities for individuals of diverse backgrounds, generations, and abilities -among them, professional performing artists, students, and arts lovers-to participate in these art forms in collaborative performances, workshops, and festivals.

4.    Carrying out the role of cultural mediator between music makers and other performing artists of diverse communities, academia, and the public sector.

Sangeet Millennium Programs have been supported through City of Austin Cultural Contracts since 2000. They have been sponsored under the umbrella of One World Theatre since 2004. The mission of Sangeet Millennium includes a strong educational component, through workshops offered by some of the distinguished visiting artists, as well as Amie's ongoing classes, presentations of sitar and Hindustani vocal music, and community education events.

The Sangeet Millennium Ensemble, a project founded and led by Amie Maciszewski, fuses traditional Indian music with jazz and other world music. This work follows the precedent set by her guru, Sarode Maestro Aashish Khan, and his elders, in which players of diverse instruments collaborate to compose, arrange, and perform loosely structured pieces, often based on classical raags, which allow for considerable improvisation. The ensemble was selected among the Top Ten Best Performing Bands/World Music 2010-11 in the Austin Chronicle Readers' Poll.

Core collaborating musicians include Paul Klemperer (sax) and Shiv Naimpally (tabla). The ensemble's artistic work receives support from the City of Austin and Texas Commission on the Arts, among others. The ensemble's latest CD, "Sangeet Safar,"released in Oct. 2010, is now available on CDBaby.com, abstractlogix.com, and at Austin's Waterloo Records. Their first CD, "Shimmering," was selected as a Texas Top Ten in the Austin Chronicle Music Critics' Poll 2007 year-end listings.

Veteran local jazz musician Sammy Epstein wrote in a recent blog, "Sangeet Millennium, the Austin-based Indian music group, features sitar, tabla, and saxophone, and the blend of the three sounds is delightful . . . both unpredictable and entrancing. . . . a seamless web of improvised music that sounded as tight as if they had rehearsed endlessly. . . . . in a word, riveting."