Ham Jam House Concert

John Pointer

John Pointer performs a fine acoustic concert. His performances are riveting... he focuses everyone, grown-ups and youngsters alike!

John Pointer is a producer, performer, composer, actor, musician and now co-founder of Patronism.com - a radical new music funding and publishing platform based right here in Austin. Performing vocals over intricate guitar work, stomps, and human beatbox he looks human, but sounds like he's made of music.

He earned his degree in cello performance and composition at University of Texas, has been active in the Austin Music for over a decade, played Judas in Jesus Christ Superstar and Roger in RENT at ZACH Theatre, has won ten Austin Music Awards and has participated in the Ham Jam a few times on his primary instrument, a 200 year old French cello.

You can come to listen, but be prepared to sing, clap and stomp your way through the songs with him. Kids are welcome, and although John's music is written for grown-ups, he can work kids seamlessly into the songs and make things fun for everyone.