Ham Jam House Concert

Hudson Mueller and Leah Zeger

The Players...
Hudson Mueller is a well respected Austin songwriter and picker who was the founder, along with Brian Hudson, of the noted band, "The Hudsons". Their songs are legendary and the duo grew into a trio and then a quartet when Phoebe Hunt joined the group with her talented songwriting and violin work and when Jason Vopni added his fine bass talent to the band.

Phoebe left to start "The Belleville Outfit" with five other friends and soon Leah Zeger joined The Hudsons with her skillful songwriting and violin talent. During their several-year run, "The Hudsons" won many awards, including "Best Folk Band" by the Chronicle Music Awards poll.

Hudson now lives in New York City and has a popular and talented band there called "Gold Magnolias". We are lucky to catch him and a fine bag of new songs for a House Concert on one of his rare trips home to Austin!

Leah Zeger was the youngest violinist in the Austin Symphony and still works for the Symphony even though she now lives in Los Angeles. She plays all styles and was involved in all sorts of music and many bands while she lived here. She played with the Hudsons for several years before heading to L.A. and was a fine asset to the band. In Los Angeles, Leah is involved in a number of Jazz projects and has a fine band called "Leah And The Moonlighters".

Leah visits Austin every couple of months for her Symphony gig and we are lucky to have her re-unite with Hudson to showcase their newest material!