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03/26/2016, 04/29/2011

Jacinta will play a fine acoustic concert on Saturday, March 26th, 2016, at 7:00 PM.

Jacinta Jacinta

Jacinta Brondgeest, (aka Jacinta) is an Australian-American singer, songwriter, musician, music producer, and electronic dance music artist and a award winning international songwriter, musician and vocalist from Australia with five impressive Billboard Hot Club Play hits in the United States with many self penned songs that have found their way into film, TV, computer games and the hearts of her growing fan base. Playing keyboards and singing backing vocals in an Australian electro pop band, marked Jacinta's initiation into electronic music production, songwriting, singing and delivering it live. Jacinta's career has given her the opportunity to work with internationally respected artists including Tony Bennett, Cake, Leo Sayer, David Gates (Bread), Glenn Shorrock, Take That, Cirque Du Soleil, Tony Moran, Anton Bass, Digital Dog, Rene Ablaze, Clokx and an ever growing group of wonderful music creators from across the globe.

Melodic electronica, synths, grooves and emotive vocals were the sounds mostly responsible for seeding Jacinta’s notion to make music. From Thompson Twins and the Cocteau Twins, Portishead to Pink Floyd, Massive Attack to mantras and middle eastern music, Abba to Avalanches, Blondie, Crystal Method, Delerium, Enya … Having studied piano as a child, buying her first synth was a life changing day. A week later Jacinta was invited to audition for her first band becoming the 5th member of an all girl band, Maiden Voyage and acquiring the nickname JAC. There were many bands, big and small, many thousands of gigs and many tours throughout Australia, SE Asia and India!

Being a synth player introduced Jacinta to sequencers and samplers and hard disc recording. Producing the songs she wrote, mostly ‘in house’ became the foundation of her indy label Chunky Music. She released “Dedicated To A Stranger” and “Sandalwood - Under The Influence” and wrote a significant amount of music repertoire for the hit kids series “The Saddle Club” before relocating to the USA.

Jacinta's first US single release “Sunshine” hit the top twenty on the BILLBOARD Hot Club Play Chart in early 2006. Her second single “Destination” released May 2006 was also a Billboard 'Hot Club Play' Hit, climbed to 5 on the DJ Times Chart and featured on 5 compilation albums. Jacinta’s third release “Can’t Keep It A Secret” debuted as the #1 Breakout Song on the Billboard Dance Chart and peaked at #7 on 07/07/07. “Can’t Keep It A Secret” peaked #2 on the DJ Times and FMQB charts. This instant hit also received high rotation on US Dance Radio and found Jacinta new audiences in the UK, Europe and the Middle East. In July 2012, “Can’t Keep It A Secret” is being re released in Europe with new remixes. 2008 saw “Electric Universe” hit Break Out on the Billboard Hot Dance Club Chart before climbing into the charts top 20. Being nominated for Best Break-Through Artist - Solo at the International Dance Music Awards 2008, was testament to the impact Jacinta was making in the dance music community.

2009 was a year of collaboration; co-productions with new duo “Wild Jaam” featuring Jacinta and Amber Dirks (of Sister Sledge fame) with their release "Day In Time", a collaboration with Cybersutra featuring Jacinta called “I See Fire” which was immediately endorsed by Judge Jules of BBC Radio1 and debuted as the #1 Breakout Song on the Billboard Dance Chart in January 2009. The summer of 2009 bought Jacinta and long time colleague and friend, Producer/Director Don Fox, together for co-creation of “DREAM!” a full stage production with dazzling visuals, 15 piece orchestra, backing singers and dancers. Dream! featured Jacinta’s vocals, piano, guitar, synth playing and programming and her songs conveying an inspirational story encouraging us to dream. Towards the end of 2009, Jacinta reentered the European dance scene with “Share The Tears” by Aura and “Lost In A Dream” by Javah both featuring Jacinta’s vocals. While building a successful career in the dance/club genre, 2009 also saw the first full length release of Jacinta's Dark Hours collection, Lumina. “Lumina” gives us an insight into where Jacinta's music begins, piano and voice.

2010 was filled with touring, more single releases and songwriting with new collaborators. Releases included “Always Beside Me” a collaboration with legendary Miami dance producer Avy Gonzalez on Miami label Destune records, a dance rework of Olivia Newton John’s famed “Magic” and “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” on Capp Records compilations. “Lost In A Dream” was included in World of Warcraft: Cataclysm and “Electric Universe” and “Can’t Keep It A Secret” on the popular iDance2 and reRave game and apps.

 • March 2008, nominee for Best Break-Through Artist at The WMC (Winter Music Conference) International Dance Music Awards
 • 2010, won first place in the USA Songwriting Competition for her song Can't Keep it a Secret (Dance/Electronica category)
 • 2010, finalist (with her song Electric Universe) in the International Songwriting Competition (ISC)

 • SOMEWHERE OVER THE RAINBOW - released on CAPP Records, Oct 7, 2010.
 • ALWAYS BESIDE ME - released on Destune Records, Sept 1, 2010.
 • MAGIC - released on CAPP Records, Feb 26, 2010.
 • LUMINA - Songs of Light from the Dark Hours – 9 tracks - released on Chunky Music, Dec 14, 2009.
 • LOST IN A DREAM (Javah f/Jacinta) released on Spinnin' Records, Nov, 2009.
 • SHARE THE TEARS (AurA f/Jacinta) released on Five Star Records, 2009.
 • PAST LIFE MEDITATION (Jacinta & Psychic Norbert) released on Chunky Music, 2009.
 • DAY IN TIME (WildJaam f/Jacinta and Amber Dirks) released on Chunky Music/Power2Move, Feb 4, 2009.
 • I SEE FIRE (Cybersutra f/ Jacinta) - released on Kult Records Jan 6 2009.
 • ELECTRIC UNIVERSE - The Definitive Remixes - released on Chunky Music Oct 24, 2008.
 • ELECTRIC UNIVERSE - released on Chunky Music Oct 10, 2008.
 • CAN'T KEEP IT A SECRET - The Secret Remixes, released on Chunky Music July 2007.
 • CAN'T KEEP IT A SECRET, released on Chunky Music June 5, 2007.
 • DESTINATION, 10 remixes on mega single, released on Chunky Music May 2006.
 • DESTINATION: CLUB CUTZ, 6 remixes and acapellas, released on Chunky Music July 2006.
 • SUNSHINE, 9 remixes on mega single, released on Chunky Music October 2005.
 • SANDALWOOD ~ UNDER THE INFLUENCE, released on Chunky Music 2000.
 • DEDICATED TO A STRANGER, limited release, 1996.

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Doors open at 7:00 and the concert is 8:00 to 10:00.
$20 suggested admission donation

BYOB and hors d'oeuvres are welcome!

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