Ham Jam House Concert

Albanie Faletta... Gypsy Jazz

Albanie Falletta & Her Fellas will play a fine concert of mostly creative gypsy-jazz originals although there may be plenty of Django Reinhardt, and Stephane Grappelly too.

Albanie has assembled a small band of some of Austin's finest players. They'll play an acoustic set featuring Albanie's voice and guitar, Jon Doyle's sax and clarinet, David Jellema's cornet, and Ryan Gould's string bass.

The players...
Albanie Falletta, a young Austin-area original, is a superb writer, vocalist, and guitar player. Her voice reminds me of Billie Holliday, and Ella Fitzgerald.

Jon Doyle is a consummate reed player who always surprises me with flawless and appropriate inventions. When I think I know what he's up to, he always plays something else that's even more appropriate. He makes me chuckle!

David Jellema is a fine cornet player and an amazing inventor. He and Jon get into some nasty fights trying to out do each other. Sweet!

Ryan Gould, likely the world's finest "slap-bass" player, is know for his command of all aspects of acoustic bass. Known world-wide, Ryan had a student last SXSW that came all the way from Bulgaria just to get one lesson! Who'd 'a thought!