Ham Jam House Concert

Phoebe Hunt, Dominick Leslie & Chris Hutchins

Phoebe Hunt and Friends will present some very fine acoustic music, mostly original.

The players...
Phoebe Hunt, an Austin original, was the first in the world winner of the Daniel Pearle Memorial Violin Award several years ago. She is a songwriter and violinist of high regard. Her last association was as one of the lead vocalists and the violinist for the noted Belleville Outfit. She has put together a fine ensemble for Sunday's concert!

Dominick Leslie, a 21 year old mando master, from Colorado, visiting from Berklee Music College in Boston. We are lucky to have a new rising star in the mandolin community play for us.

Chris Hutchins, played acoustic guitar with Pheobe since high school and has polished his skill since then, until he has become quite amazing.

Other players: Pheobe is likely to bring some surprise guests to make things even more interesting!