Ham Jam House Concert

Slim Richey, Dennis Ludiker & Noah Jeffries

Slim Richey, Dennis Ludiker, Noah Jefferies and Francie Meaux Jeaux will present an acoustic concert featuring the music of Django Reinhardt. They will not follow the book...all are superb inventers and will challenge each other for the hottest licks.

Slim Richey, widely recognized as the leading gypsy jazz and swing player in Austin, leads an invited quartet of some of the finest string players around.

Dennis Ludiker, a multiple Texas fiddle champion, who considers himself more of a mandolin player. We'll see which instrument he chooses Tuesday to duel with Slim and Noah.

Noah Jeffries, is also a multiple fiddle champion, this time of his native Idaho. Though multi-instrumental and a master of violin, mandolin, and guitar, I'm guessing Noah will compete with a guitar in the duel with Slim and Dennis.

Francie Meaux Jeaux, a superb bass artist, will keep the three hot players in time. Francie is know for her rock-solid rhythm and artful accompaniment, as well as her insistence on playing barefoot!

Django would be pleased to be playing with this quartet!

Tuesday will be a special chance to hear them play acoustic without microphones and speakers. Clean, clear instruments...and ZERO distortion!