Ham Jam House Concert

The Lost Pines

The Lost Pines are just about my favorite bluegrass band and are unique in that they write a large portion of their material. So you'll hear fresh, fine, new tunes, written in the classic bluegrass style with a special Lost Pines flavor.

The talented Lost Pines players are...
Talia Sekons: Guitar, Vocals
Christian Ward: Banjo, Guitar, Vocals
Marc Lionetti: Resonator Guitar, Vocals
Brian Durkin: Upright Bass
Jon Kemppainen: Fiddle

Barely two years into their career, the Lost Pines are already carving out a niche in the Texas bluegrass scene. With their astonishing musical maturity and an arsenal of well-crafted songs, the Lost Pines are poised to take their place among the giants of the Austin music scene, ensuring they will continue to treat audiences to their brand of traditional music for years to come.

Sunday will be a special chance to hear them play acoustic without microphones and speakers. Clean, clear instruments and vocals...with ZERO distortion!