Ham Jam House Concert

Brian Hudson & Leah Zeger Concert
09/22/2010 and 02/12/2011

Brian Hudson (Guitar & Voice) and Leah Zeger (Violin & Voice) will present a ton of superb original material and some great standards.

  -- Brian: A founding member of the famous "Hudsons" who won the Austin Music Awards "Best Folk Band" category more than once. His songs are noted for each being totally different, for their humor, sarcastic honesty, sweetness and love. His lyrics will make you think twice...and probably many more times!

  -- Leah: Was the youngest violinist in the Austin Symphony...and rightly so! Her skill with the violin and her ability to invent and play any style makes her an exciting performer. She lives in the jazz circles of LA now, but comes to Austin every couple of months to perform with the Symphony and to treat us to a few club gigs in Austin. We are lucky to have her for a House Concert!

This will be a special chance to hear them play acoustic without microphones and speakers. Clean, clear instruments and vocals...ZERO distortion!